Buglabs platform is down for an upgrade

We have re-coded the platform from ground up and will be deploying version 2 of the app in January 2021.


Multiple Targets

Run various tests against different target types - domains, sub-domains, and IPs - to cover every aspect of your infrastructure.

Test Chaining

Use Hooks to automatically chain tests, without the need for manual intervention.


Set up tests to run periodically, and get immediately notified when issues are detected.


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Is using Buglabs free?

Yes, however you are limited by the number of tests that you can add at any given time.

For more information, you can checkout the pricing.

What types of tests are available?

Currently there are six tests:

  • Sub-domain evaluation
  • DNS resolve
  • Ping sweep
  • HTTP/S request
  • TCP port scan (Premium only)
  • TCP service evaluation (Premium only)

Additional test, including SSL analysis, and HTTP header evaluation, and Sub-domain takeover detection tests will be added in near future.

How frequently can I run each test?

Each test has possible frequencies set based on their resource demands and overall practical necessity. For instance, you can create a test to ping a server on hourly basis, however, a full TCP port scan can be performed only once every 3 days on the same target.

How can I send in suggestions/comments/feedback?

You can use the contact form or email directly to info[at]buglabs.me

Are there any other advantages to purchasing Premium account?

Besides the increased number of tests, and additional test types, premium accounts will have priority access to newly implemented features and tests, as they are being rolled out.

What are Test Hooks?

Test Hooks is a functionality allowing you to chain multiple tests, based on their results. For example, it is possible to set up a 'TCP port scan' hook for the 'Ping' test. The platform will start monitoring the ping status of a particular server, and once it responds to the ping, the hook is triggered and a TCP port scan is performed.

How can I get notified?

Currently you can receive on-platform notifications, daily/weekly email digests, as well as browser push notifications, and DM Slack notifications in a dedicated Slack Team.


Price for early users is reduced to $10 until 01/10/2017


$ 0 /mo
  • Unlimited Targets
  • 500 Reoccuring Tests
  • 1000 Single Tests per day
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$ 10 /mo
  • Additional Tests
  • 5000 Reoccuring Tests
  • 2500 Single Tests per day
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  • Unlimited Tests
  • Custom Test Frequencies
  • Security Consultant Available
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